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Cosmetic Dentistry in Rocklin, CA

Cosmetic Dentistry in Rocklin, CA

Cosmetic dental procedures have life-changing effects on a person's facial appearance. Dr. Felahy often receives patients who wish to get their cosmetic dental issues treated, and he ensures they leave with a much better looking and happier smile. Our highly experienced dentist and state-of-the-art technology make our dental practice one of the most sought-after ones in the Rocklin, Roseville, and Lincoln areas.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Replacing missing teeth: The natural teeth may sometimes have to be extracted due to cavities, oral diseases, etc. If they aren't replaced by prosthetic teeth, it could lead to a few drawbacks like hindered oral functionality, displeasing smile, drifting of natural teeth, jawbone deterioration, etc. Dental restorations such as implants, bridges, and crowns are utilized to replace missing teeth.

Restoring damaged teeth: External trauma, biting hard food substances, excessive tooth wear, etc. can damage the teeth and make them susceptible to a root canal infection. Teeth can be restored to their ideal aesthetics and functionality using ceramic restorations such as crowns, veneers, and fillings. It's critical to leverage high-quality dental restorations that are customizable and long-lasting.

Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening is an effective cosmetic procedure to make the teeth look whiter. When the teeth undergo excessive staining due to improper oral hygiene, excessive consumption of colored foods and beverages, smoking, etc. Sunset Oak Dental offers professional teeth whitening and teeth bleaching services in the Rocklin and Roseville cities in California.

Filling cavities: Cavities are common, and it is best if they are disinfected and filled when they are smaller in size. The decay can be removed using a hand-held ultrasonic scaling tool and the cavity can be filled with white filling. The filling can be customized to match the exact appearance of the teeth, which keeps them indistinguishable.

At Sunset Oak Dental, Dr. Felahy, our Rocklin dentist designs a custom dental treatment plan for each patient and repairs the damage to enhance the appearance of the smile. We are happy to serve patients in the areas including Rocklin 95765, Roseville 95677, Lincoln 95765, Penryn 95663, and Loomis 95650 in California. Call us at (916) 435-5111 to schedule your dental appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Rocklin, CA, to get the most beautiful smile makeover. 

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