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Dental Bridges in Rocklin, CA

Dental Bridges in Rocklin, CA

Dr. Felahy offers professional dental bridges at our dental office.

Dental bridges are required to bridge gaps between two or more teeth. Basically, a dental bridge is a false tooth also known as pontic that can be manufactured using a variety of materials like gold, silver, or porcelain. Porcelain is the most preferred material for manufacturing bridges as the material helps the bridge blend in with the natural teeth. The false tooth is held in place by real teeth on either side of the bridge which is called abutment teeth.

Reasons why dental bridges become necessary

  • A person's confidence and smile are likely to take a hit after losing a tooth or multiple teeth. A dental bridge helps restore a patient's smile as well as confidence.
  • A missing tooth can lead to excessive pressure on normal teeth due to the uneven distribution of force while chewing. Dental bridges can help to restore the even distribution of force.
  • Elongated periods of time with missing teeth can alter the shape of a patient's jaw and his face. A bridge can help maintain the shape of a patient's jaw and face.
  • Spaces created by missing teeth can cause the drifting of healthy teeth. Moreover, it can also cause a loosening of surrounding teeth and result in them falling off. A bridge can, therefore, aid in the preservation of other healthy teeth.
  • Missing teeth can lead to impaired pronunciation and speech. Dental bridges help restore normal speech and pronunciation patterns.


The procedure involves taking multiple visits to the dentist. During the initial visit, we prepare the abutment teeth in order to ensure that the crowns fit over them perfectly. Then, we will take an impression to determine the position of the bridge. The impressions and dimensions of the tooth or teeth are sent to a lab for preparing a customized dental bridge for the patient. The abutment teeth are protected by placing a temporary bridge between them until the permanent bridge is prepared. 

The following visits involve the fitting of the custom dental bridge in place. We will remove the temporary dental bridge and place the permanent dental bridge. The bridge is recontoured multiple times in order to fit it into the cavity perfectly.

Dental bridges: Aftercare

  • There are chances the patient may initially suffer from sensitivity to cold. Sensitivity toothpaste can help in providing instant relief.
  • It is advised to use a fluoride rinse every day to prevent the decay of the bridge.
  • Brush twice a day and floss regularly. However, ensure that you floss in between the teeth to avoid dislodging the crown. 
  • Periodic appointments with your dentist are a must.
  • Avoid chewing hard food substances with the dental bridge to avoid breaking or fracturing it.

At Sunset Oak Dental, Dr. Felahy offers professional dental bridges to the areas including Rocklin 95765, Roseville 95677, Lincoln 95765, Penryn 95663, and Loomis 95650 in California. Call us at (916) 435-5111 to schedule your dental appointment with our family dentist in Rocklin, CA, and get the smile you always wanted!

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