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What Happens When You Lose a Tooth?

Posted by DR. VOLKI FELAHY on Jul 8 2021, 10:29 PM

What Happens When You Lose a Tooth?

Losing a baby tooth may not be surprising, but losing a permanent tooth is not something that should be ignored. Ignoring this gap may lead to further complications that could affect your oral health.

What would be the dental complications?

The dental complications that you might face if you ignore the gap of this tooth loss are as follows:

       1. Tooth decay and gum disease

Due to the gap, the adjacent teeth may begin shifting over time. This shifting prevents brush and floss from reaching all the teeth surfaces thus, resulting in the accumulation of plaque or bacteria, which increases the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. This may further cause tooth loss or a change of bite. 

       2. Teeth misalignment

All your teeth work hand-in-hand; if one goes missing, it may cause the neighboring teeth to shift into the missing tooth’s gap. This will disturb the position of all your teeth and cause teeth misalignment leading to a crooked smile, bite problems, etc. 

       3. Bone loss

Your teeth are a great source of support to your jaw bone. They help stimulate bone growth. But if one or more teeth go missing, the bone in the area may no longer get the stimulation to grow, which causes bone loss. This bone loss may end up shrinking your jaw and also altering the shape of your face and smile.

What are the dental treatment options to replace missing teeth?

The dental treatment options are:

      1. Dental Implants

Dental Implants help replace your missing teeth permanently. If you are missing a single tooth, then a small titanium screw is inserted into the site surgically, then an abutment is placed, and a dental crown is placed over it.

     2. Implant-supported bridge

If you are missing a few teeth, then an implant-supported bridge is a long-term solution that can make you look and feel comfortable like they are your natural teeth. 

     3. Implant-supported denture

If you are missing all your teeth, there is still an implant-supported denture to replace your complete set of teeth. With proper care and hygiene, they can last for a very long time.

     4. Dentures

Missing all your teeth, but also need a cost-effective dental solution? Dentures are removable and much cheaper dental treatment than dental implants for your missing teeth. They look so natural that they can blend easily with your natural smile. 


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