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Best Recommended Toothpaste

Posted by DR. VOLKI FELAHY on Feb 3 2021, 03:43 AM

Best Recommended Toothpaste

Everyone knows, brushing your teeth is important. But did you know that what you put on your toothbrush matters just as much? With many toothpaste options available in the market, it is difficult for people to choose the best ones. A general guideline for consumers while choosing toothpaste is to look for the American Dental Association's ADA Seal of Acceptance and evaluate whether products are actually effective and safe. 

Read the below-given information to know more about which is the best toothpaste for you. 

Look at the fluoride content.

The American Dental Association recommends using a toothpaste containing fluoride as an essential ingredient. Fluoride helps in protecting tooth enamel and fights cavities. Fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water can help in the significant reduction in dental cavities. 

Check for ADA approval.

Opt for toothpaste that carries the ADA seal of approval. When a toothpaste meets the ADA's requirements, it means the following:

  • The toothpaste contains fluoride.
  • The toothpaste contains active ingredients to improve oral hygiene.
  • The toothpaste is free from any flavoring agents that cause tooth decay.
  • Have scientific evidence to support that the toothpaste is safe and effective.

Not all kinds of toothpaste are suitable for everyone. For instance, some toothpaste is unsuitable for kids. Also, being aware of the ingredients in the toothpaste, like artificial flavorings or sweeteners, can help people to avoid specific chemicals if they are sensitive to them. So, always read the label before purchasing toothpaste. 

Choose based on specific dental problems.

If you have some dental problems, your family dentist, Rocklin, recommends you choose a toothpaste that meets your specific needs. For example, if you have teeth-sensitivity, you may require a desensitizing toothpaste that contains compounds like potassium nitrate that block parts of the teeth to stop pain signals. If you have stains on your teeth, you can opt for whitening toothpaste.

Choose based on your individual needs and preferences.

Consider your own needs and the needs of your family when selecting a toothpaste brand. Important factors to consider while selecting toothpaste include the following:

  • Any sensitivities to the containing ingredients.
  • How well a product meets dental needs.
  • Check the RDA level.

Toothpaste has abrasive agents that help to clean and whiten the teeth. The level of abrasiveness of the toothpaste, known as its relative dentin abrasivity (RDA), varies from product-to-product.

Products under 250 RDA are considered to be safe and effective;  all ADA-approved toothpaste must have an RDA of 250 or less. 

Understand natural options.

If you are someone who doesn't wish to have fluorides in your toothpaste, you can choose a natural toothpaste. However, if you are considering using natural toothpaste, check the ingredients carefully and weigh the pros and cons. The FDA does not regulate natural toothpaste products.

Avoid sugary toothpaste.

Some toothpaste contains sugar; avoid them as they contribute to tooth decay. ADA-approved toothpaste will not contain any substances that contribute to tooth decay.

With a large number of options available on the market, it can be challenging to choose a toothpaste brand. If you are unsure about which is the best toothpaste for you, speak with your Rocklin dentist, we will consider your oral health and individual needs when recommending products.

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